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Services offered:​ 

Still Photography: Sony A7C

Drone Photography: DJI Mavic Air 2 (Part 107 Licensed)

Work with: 

Wasatch Brewery

Clandestine Media Group

U.S. Elite


Lowa Boots

Park Hats

Competitions won: 

2020 America's State Parks

IPA International Photo Awards - Honorable Mention

Published work in:

3 Elements Review



Montana Mouthful

Noble/Gas Qtrly


Wanderlust Journal



Peninsula Pulse

Traverse Journeys

SLCJCC Artist of the Month

Contributor to:​

Getty Images


Freethedust is a freelance photographer specializing in adventure, landscape and outdoor photography. Having traveled to 33 countries and 24 national parks combined with military experience as a special forces soldier there's no mission too tough for Freethedust. Freethedust excels at showcasing products being used outdoors, building trust with your customer base, and providing you with stunning imagery. So whether on a snowy mountain peak, a scorching desert, underwater, or in a thick jungle, Freethedust will get the shot you need.

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